How To Buy Quality Scope Rings In The USA

Airguns of Arizona import a wide range of quality european rifles, air guns and accessories into the U.S.  The company is based in Gilbert, Arizona where it has a large showroom where members of the public can view a huge range of shooting related products.  Airguns of Arizona also have a wholesale division selling certain products to dealers right across the United States.  A mobile showroom which consists of a large truck now visits dealers across Texas, Indiana and many other states.  This gives dealers the chance to try and feel the latest and best rifles and airguns on the market.  The van is also equipped with a fully operational workshop for minor running repairs as well as a compressor for charging precharged pneumatic precision airguns.  Many American shooters only shoot .22 and centrefire rifles but the market for different types of rifles including airguns is always growing.


One of the products missing from Airguns of Arizona’s inventory was a high quality 3/8" scope ring / ringmount that would fit direct to the cylinder or receiver of the rifle.  This is when a British manufacturer helped out by offering the agency for their range of quality scope rings.  The brand was already known in the U.S. but AOA have built on this and sales are rapidly increasing every year.  As well as the airgun scope rings many other types are imported for bolt action centrefire rifles that use the Picatinny rail system.  The Weaver scope ring system is also increasingly used on .22 rifles.


Quality scope rings are also available in Solon, Ohio !  Pyramyd Air sell a comprehensive range including an extremely nice quality picatinny / weaver set.  This company also sell all over the United States with a wholesale shooting and precision airgun accessories side to their business.


Many companies in the USA manufacture rifle scopes and scope rings but some of the best quality versions are imported from Europe and in particular England.  The scope rings are packed in cartons and sent by airfreight to dealers in California and across the East coast as well as all the other US states. The dealer who purchases the products can then choose which model to advise their customer to buy.


How to choose the best scope ring for my rifle or precision airgun ?


Basically quality is king.  You should always choose the best quality scope rings or ringmounts you can afford. Whether you are ready to buy fixed scope rings for your .22, airgun or centrefire rifle.  Beware of low quality Chinese scope rings which look reasonable at a distance but will not align your rifle scope or withstand recoil as well a good quality set of tip off scope rings.  Some Chinese companies have copied the design of branded scope rings but the materials used are just not the same as the real deal.  If your airgun or .22 rifle has dovetails / grooves machined into the cylinder then the chances are that 3/8" scope rings will fit the scope rail.  Quite a lot of airguns and most centrefire rifles now have picatinny rails or bases fitted and such rifles need a good quality set of picatinny scope rings.  Poor quality or very low cost scope rings will not align the crosshairs of your rifle scope with the target and this will result in inaccurate shooting.  The picatinny / weaver scope ring system was designed in the U.S. at the Picatinny arsenal in New Jersey.  The Picatinny arsenals role was to develop and evaluate a universal system of mounting rifle scopes, digital night vision rifle sights and thermal rifle sights  to different types of weapons and this was completed on February 3rd 1995.  The military standard is MIL-STD-1913.  Since then the picatinny system has been widely accepted for use on civilian sporting arms such as bolt action centrefire rifles where the use of quality scope rings has become particularly popular.  The width of the slot between each segment of the picatinny rail is wider than used on the weaver rail system at .206 inches.  Weaver scope rings will fit onto a picatinny rail or base but picatinny scope rings will not fit onto a weaver rail or base.  The width of the rail is the same at .835 inches or 21.2mm but please be aware picatinny scope rings and rails are regularly quoted as 20mm.  Good quality scope rings will be machined to exactly .835 inches so will fit very well.  However some scope mounts from the far east may not tighten properly as the width of the base is too narrow.