Quality Scope Mounts / Scope Rings Available to buy in Australia


Nioa Trading import a wide range of quality American and European rifles, air guns and accessories into Australia. The company is based in Pinkenba which is near Brisbane in the state of Queensland, New South Wales Australia where the company has a large showroom where Australian firearms dealers can view a huge range of shooting related products. Indeed the recently built Nioa facility near Brisbane is large enough to hold in house exhibitions where dealers from right across Australia can visit and view all the latest products from many of the worlds best and most respected manufacturers. The facility includes a 200 seat auditorium and a 100 metre indoor firing range. There is plenty of storage space for huge stocks of rifles, shotguns, handguns etc including a high security firearms bunker. Nioa are a wholesale company selling riflescopes, optics, ammunition, scope rings / scope mounts, rimfire rifles, air rifles, clothing etc to dealers right across all the states of Australia. A large department also deals with military and police sales and has won some major contracts to supply the Australian government with many types of weapons. Sales staff visit dealers across Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This gives dealers the chance to see the latest accessories and the best rifles, shotguns and airguns on the market. Many Australian shooters only shoot .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles but the market for different types of .17 rimfire rifles and airguns is always growing.


Many years ago one of the products missing from Nioa Tradings inventory was a range of high quality 3/8" / 11mm scope rings / mounts. This is when British manufacturer Sportsmatch stepped in by offering the agency for their range of quality scope rings and scope mounts. The brand was already known in Australia but Nioa Trading have built on this and sales are rapidly increasing every year. As well as the airgun and rimfire scope rings / scope mounts many other products are imported for bolt action centrefire rifles that use the Picatinny rail system. The 20mm Weaver / Picatinny scope ring system is also increasingly used on .22 and.17 rimfire rifles.  Please note that the correct width is 21.2mm (0.835") it is just commonly known as 20mm.


Many companies in around the world manufacture rifle scopes and scope rings but some of the best quality versions are imported from Europe and in particular England. Their scope rings / scope mounts are packed in cartons and sent by air to Nioa Trading in Queensland New South Wales where they are then distributed across Australia to firearms dealers that require a quality British made scope mounts / scope ring. The dealer who stocks Sportsmatch products can then choose which model to advise their customer to fit by referring to a free publication Nioa produce called ‘Hot Products’. The Hot Products catalogue is designed by Nioa inhouse and printed in Australia and gets bigger and better every year. The 2016 version of Hot Products now has 353 pages. Nioa carry all the popular models of Sportsmatch scope mounts / scope rings so a fast delivery time is assured across all the Australian states and territories.


Popular models of rifle scope in Australia include - Aimpoint Barska Bushnell BSA Burris Centrepoint Docter Falcon Hawke IOR Kahles Konus Leapers Leica Leupold March Meopta Minox MTC Nightforce Nikon Nikko Sterling Optisan Pecar Redfield Richter Schmidt & Bender Sellmark Sightmark Sightron Simmons Steiner Swarovski Tasco UTG Vortex Walther Weaver Yukon Zeiss and many more !


Some of the most popular airguns, rimfire rifles and centrefire rifles across Australia include - Accuracy International Air Arms Airforce Anschutz Ataman Barrett Beeman Benjamin Bergara Brocock Browning BSA Cometa Crosman CZ Dakota Daystate Diana Edgun Evanix Falcon Feinwerkbau FX Gunpower Hammerli Hatsan Henry Howa Heckler & Koch Impact Kahr Kelby Kimber Kral Krieghoff Lynx Magtech Marlin Merkel Mossberg Parker Hale Remington RWS Sig Sauer Savage Schultz & Larsen Stoeger Sheridan SMK Steyr Mannlicher Tikka Umarex Voerre Walther Webley & Scott Weihrauch Weatherby Winchester Zastava and many more !


How to choose the best scope ring / scope mount for my rimfire rifle, centrefire rifle or precision airgun ?


Basically quality is king. You should always choose the best quality scope rings / scope mounts you can afford. Whether you are ready to buy scope rings for your .22 rimfire, airgun or bolt action centrefire rifle. Beware of low quality Chinese scope rings / mounts which look fine at a distance but will not align your rifle scope or withstand recoil as well as a good quality set of scope rings. Some Chinese companies have copied the design of branded scope mounts but the materials used are just not the same as the real deal. If your airgun, 22 rifle or 17 rimfire rifle has dovetails machined into the cylinder then the chances are that 3/8" scope rings will fit. To get the most out of your rifle whether it is a centre rifle, rimfire rifle or airgun you simply need to use the best quality scope rings / mounts you can find. Quite a lot of airguns and most centrefire rifles now have picatinny rails or bases fitted and such rifles need a good quality set of picatinny scope rings. Poor quality or very low cost scope rings will not align the crosshairs of your rifle scope with the barrel and this will result in inaccurate shooting. You simply will not reach your rifles full potential. The picatinny / weaver scope ring system was designed in the United States at the Picatinny arsenal in New Jersey. The Picatinny arsenals role was to develop, test develope and evaluate a universal system of mounting rifle scopes, night vision weapon sights and thermal rifle sight systems to different types of weapons and this was completed on February 3rd 1995. The military standard is MIL-STD-1913. Since then the picatinny system has been widely accepted for use on civilian sporting arms such as bolt action centrefire rifles where the use of quality scope rings / scope mounts has become particularly popular. The with of the slot between each segment of the picatinny rail is wider than used on the weaver rail system at .206 inches. Weaver scope mounts will fit onto a picatinny rail or base but picatinny scope rings or scope mounts will not fit onto a weaver rail or base. The width of the rail is the same at .835 inches. Good quality scope rings or scope mounts will be machined to exactly .835 inches so will fit perfectly. However some scope mounts from the far east may not tighten fully as the width of the base it to narrow.


How to mount a rifle scope


After choosing the scope for your rifle you have a very important job to do that is often overlooked by many shooters.  That job is securely fixing your optics to your rifles receiver.  If you have done your homework and taken the advice of a competent gun dealer you will have chosen a set of quality scope rings that are the correct height and width for your rifles rail and scope. It is always good advice to buy the best scope rings available.

Firstly you must check that your rifle is unloaded as gun safety is paramount. Then place you rifle or airgun on a solid surface in front of you. Ideally you need a shooters rest which consists of 2 plastic cradles that will allow you to accurately level your scope and rings.

Hold your rifle scope above your rifle in the correct position necessary to have a comfortable head position and correct eye relief (distance from your eye to the scope to make the view clear) Next loosen the receiver dovetail / rail clamp screws on the bottom half of your scope rings and remove the top half of the rings. Then position the scope rings on the scope rail as far apart as possible whilst maintaining the rifle scope in the correct position. Lightly tighten with your fingers the dovetail / picatinny rail securing fasteners to keep the scope rings in place.

Now carefully lay the scope into the scope rings and check the eye relief and height of the scope is correct. The next step is to refit the top half of the scope rings but do not tighten the screws fully. The rifle scope needs to be able to rotate. If the eye relief is correct you can now increase the torque level on the dovetail / picatinny rail securing fastener so that it is not fully tight but secure enough not to move.

The next step is to make sure the vertical post of your scopes cross hair is vertical ! There are many devices on the market to assist you with this job but the easiest way is to rotate the scope until the cross hair is vertical by eye and then hold the rifle at arm’s length to gauge if the cross hair still looks vertical. You can now tighten the scope ring screws evenly and diagonally opposite whilst maintaining an even gap on each side of the scope ring. Please note that tightening the ring screws can sometimes very slightly rotate the rifle scope which will affect the alignment of the vertical cross hair. If this happens just loosen the scope ring screws and repeat the process.

It is very important to not overtighten any of the screws on your scope rings as this may damage your scope. The body tubes of many rifle scopes is manufactured from much thinner material than you might imagine and can be permanently creased if you are overtighten the scope ring fasteners. Manufacturers of quality scope rings will always provide recommended torque figures on their website. If you cannot find this information it is always worth looking on the companies FAQ page. Failing that just send the manufacturer an email and ask for their recommended scope ring torque figures. Remember these torque figures are a guide as the recoil produced by different firearms varies and some heavy recoiling calibers may require slightly more torque to be applied. Only the best scope rings on the market will be strong enough to withstand the high levels of torque required to prevent your rifle scope moving under recoil.