Ring mounts do not require a base and fit direct to the rifles receiver and are a very popular method of mounting a scope to your rifle. The term ring mount is commonly used in the USA and less so in the United Kingdom and Europe. The terms scope mounts and scope rings are normally used in this part of the world but as scope bases which require scope rings to be fitted on top are so popular in the United States a combined base and ring is correctly referred to as a ring mount.


When searching for a ring mount for your rifle quality is always king. There is absolutely no point in buying an accurate rifle and good quality glass if you don’t do any research into the best quality ring mounts available that will correctly fit your rifle and scope. When it comes to mounting a scope always buy the best scope rings / scope mounts or ring mounts you can afford. This is not an area to economise with. You will regret choosing cheap Chinese ring mounts and end up buying a quality set at a later date. Using scope rings from a reputable brand who doesn’t outsource their manufacturing to China will install confidence in your rifle and scope combination and enable you to get the best out of it. Your accuracy will be optimised and confident, accurate shooting will come naturally.


Once you have chosen the brand you will need to choose the correct model. Ring mounts are available in 25mm, 30mm and 34mm. Be aware that 25mm ring mounts are actually 1” which is precisely 25.4mm. You will then need to choose the correct dovetail groove width for your rifles receiver and then finally the correct height. Medium height ring mounts will be higher than medium height scope rings as the base is integral in the base of the ring mount. As a approximate guide low ring mounts will clear upto a 32mm diameter objective lens, medium upto 45mm and high upto 56mm.


Some rifles with integral weaver / picatinny rails will accept ring mounts. It is important to know that the width of a Picatinny rail is 21.2mm / 0.835” but many firearms dealers advertise picatinny scope rings and ring mounts as 20mm but this is actually the same thing.


So what makes and types of rifle require ring mounts ? Generally all air rifles and rimfire rifles and some centrefire rifles such as Tikka and CZ’s have integral dovetails machined onto the receiver. Many American rifles tend to have drilled and tapped receivers so 20mm scope bases can be fitted. Once they are in place your choice of good quality 20mm wide scope rings can be fitted.